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Don’t Let Drug Charges Ruin Your Life

A drug addiction is hard enough to overcome. Criminal charges for possessing or distributing drugs can result in jail or prison time and a criminal record that makes it harder to find employment and get your life on track.

The Law Office of NiCale Rector provides compassionate support and strong defense for all types of drug charges. I am lifelong resident of Madison County with 20 years of experience in criminal defense. I will do everything I can to protect your rights, your freedom and your future.

Experienced Drug Crime Defense

I have handled the full range of misdemeanor and felony drug offenses, including:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of meth, cocaine or heroin
  • Possession of prescription pills like oxycodone
  • Possession of syringes and drug paraphernalia
  • Selling drugs or possession with intent to distributed
  • Drug trafficking (caught with a major quantity)

I have represented people of all walks of life who got caught up with drugs. I know that it can happen to anyone. You may qualify for a diversion program for marijuana charges, but a conviction for other drugs usually means probation, jail or prison. One of the first things I tell my clients is to start treatment right away after a drug arrest. If you have stayed clean and sober by the time your case comes to court, it will help your situation.

As your defense lawyer, I will aggressively challenge the charges and the circumstances of your arrest. For example, police cannot violate your Fourth Amendment rights in drug-related search and seizures, If I cannot get charges dismissed, I will negotiate for the most favorable deal or prepare to defend you at trial.

Find Out Where You Stand And How I Can Help

I take your drug charges seriously, and I am confident I can improve your situation. Call my Anderson office at 765-227-2130 or contact me online to arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.