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What to look for in a divorce mediator

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce proceedings don’t always move along smoothly, and the parties could have significant differences regarding settlements, support payments and custody arrangements. However, both Indiana spouses may wish to avoid costly and time-consuming court proceedings where a judge decides. Mediation becomes an option where the parties might work out their points of contention. Selecting the appropriate mediator may be vital to reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

Choosing a mediator

Both spouses will of course want to be comfortable with the mediator chosen to oversee things. Mediation is not arbitration, which means the mediator does not make a binding decision. Still, both spouses must feel trust and confidence in the mediator’s competency in order to agree with the neutral’s suggestions and recommendations.

Opting for a mediator who focuses on family law and divorce mediation is important. As with other professionals, a mediator could have specializations and areas of expertise.

Divorce mediator selections

Divorce mediation could become contentious if the parties disagree. Thus, a mediator who understands conflict resolution and how to bring the spouses closer rather than further apart is crucial. One who is capable of addressing bitter disputes and conflicts might move the parties away from bickering and toward a settlement in everyone’s best interests.

The divorcing spouses could consider other items when approving a mediator. A thorough examination of the mediator’s professional background and affiliations might be beneficial. Someone who belongs to local or national organizations may stand out from those with minimal or no affiliations. Of course, there are financial concerns with mediation. Clearly determining how the mediator bills for their services could reduce financial worries about the process’s costs. Fewer external worries may keep the spouses focused on the divorce negotiations.